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Bakery Products Packaging

Anti-fog treated retail packaging for pastry, cake & other bakery products. Blisters that offer high visibility to seduce the consumer for a sweet treat. Bespoke bakery packaging that is easy to use and fully recyclable. Hinged-lid boxes or tray lid combinations made to your production lines; industrial packaging offering a traditional feel.

Retail-ready plastic packaging for pastry

Whether you have cakes, pies or pastries, every type of product can benefit from bespoke packaging. Our packaging is designed to be retail ready. Offering maximum visibility and recyclability to fit our circular goals.

Our bespoke plastic packaging can be designed to fit individual, pre-cut or whole cakes, pies or other bakery products. All our packaging is anti-fog treated to guarantee visibility during prolonged refrigerated shelf life.

Our designers fully tailor your plastic packaging to your production process so there’s no unforeseen complications. We guarantee proper stackable, without any static when being filled on your production lines. Our approach is first-time right.

We guide you towards your bespoke plastic packaging starting from an existing concept or starting from scratch. For more information, please contact us.

If you don't know where to start, but want to see the possibilities, check out our patented products.

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The combination of 2 separate elements sealed with a paper ring enables us to create a very high (high volume) MAP packaging. Fully customizable shapes for both the base and the lid of the packaging.

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Luxury retail packaging designed to provide optimum product facing. ''Seeing is buying'' is the message in retail and this all-round packaging ensures optimal product presentation.

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Blister packaging that immediately stands out through its unique design. The packaging offers optimum visibility of the product. Very easy to reclose thanks to its intuitive push buttons.

Want to add value to your products?

ANL Packaging offers over 50 years of thermoforming craftsmanship and creativity.

In addition to high-quality standard references, the largest part of the ANL Packaging product range consists of bespoke references.

This enables us to enhance the individuality of the customers’ products.

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