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  3. Liability: ANL PACKAGING makes the utmost endeavours to ensure that the contents of this Website are as complete, precise and updated as possible. If the provided information were to contain inaccuracies, or if specific information is not available, ANL PACKAGING will attempt to correct this as quickly as possible. If you notice inaccuracies, ANL PACKAGING requests that you contact them (see contact details at the end of the Conditions of Use). ANL PACKAGING endeavours to secure the Website with all reasonable means and to limit any inconvenience caused by technical errors as much as possible. ANL PACKAGING nevertheless cannot exclude the occurrence of incorrect technical manoeuvres or impermissible interventions. This is the reason why ANL PACKAGING, therefore, cannot guarantee you uninterrupted access. ANL PACKAGING will not be liable for indirect damage or loss or consequential damage (such as but not limited to, loss of time, emotional damage, lost opportunity, data loss, lost profits, etc.). ANL PACKAGING does not accept any liability whatsoever for statements made or published by third parties and has no obligation whatsoever to correct incorrect data, information, conclusions, or advice, published by third parties with regard to this or any other source of information provided by ANL PACKAGING. However, nothing in these Conditions of Use excludes ANL PACKAGING' liability for intention or deception.

  4. Links to third parties' websites: This Website can contain hyperlinks to other websites, which ANL PACKAGING cannot exercise any technical or substantive control over whatsoever. ANL PACKAGING does not offer any guarantee whatsoever for the completeness or accuracy of the contents, nor for the availability of these websites and therefore does not accept any liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage or loss ensuing from the use thereof.

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  6. Personal data protection: All personal data collated by ANL PACKAGING via the Website will be processed in conformity with the privacy statement. The data provided by you on the Website is confidential. ANL PACKAGING is the controller for the processing of this data in accordance with the Belgian Privacy Act dated the 8th of December 1992, as well as the future European Regulation 2016/579 concerning the protection of natural persons related to the processing of personal data and concerning the free movement of this data and for the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (general data protection regulation).

  7. Applicable law and court: These Conditions of Use are governed by Belgian law and all disputes related thereto must be adjudicated in accordance with Belgian law. Every dispute concerning the existing or the application of these Conditions of Use and the interpretation or enforcement thereof, fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the district where ANL PACKAGING has its registered office unless mandatory law prescribes another court.

  8. Miscellaneous: If a part of any clause of the Conditions of Use is found to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, for any reason whatsoever, the other parts or clauses will not be affected thereby and will remain valid and enforceable, as if the invalid or unenforceable parts or clauses were not included in the Conditions of Use. Every invalid or unenforceable clause will be immediately replaced by a provision that, insofar as possible, will closely approach that which ANL PACKAGING aimed for in the part of the clause referred to.

  9. Contact: If you require further information or have any comments please contact ANL PACKAGING at Neven-Lemmens Plastics NV Hertenstraat 32 3830 Wellen (Belgium) 

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