Visiopaq® is an innovative MAP packaging which has 2 made-to-measure parts that are connected with a printable sealing ring. The Visiopaq® offers maximum visibility of your product.

Increasing shelf life with MAP packaging

The two parts of the Visiopaq® fit the specifications of your products and the brand image. These parts are sealed with a paper ring, enabling us to create high-volume MAP packaging.

How Visiopaq® works

After creating all the separate parts, it is time to put them together. You have the base, the top, and a paper rim.

The base of the Visiopaq® has a raised edge which assures no moisture leaks out of the plastic packaging. And it enables the plastic top to be fitted snuggly around it. The paper rim is glued onto the flange of the tray, hermetically sealing the Visiopaq® in the process. This sealing operation is identical to classic lidding film.

Once the paper ring is in place, the contents are safe and out of reach without breaking the seal. That makes the packaging tamper-evident, guaranteeing the quality of your product at the point of sale.

In the hands of the consumer, the Visiopaq® is opened by tearing the paper. How to correctly due this is shown by the paper lip. All that is left now is removing the plastic cover.

Because of this easy 2-step process, Visiopaq® is easy to separate and recycle.

Visibility from all angles

Visiopaq® offers many benefits, from increasing the shelf life of your products to guaranteeing visibility of your product at the point of sale. Every part of the Visiopaq® is custom-made to the specifications of your product.

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Every day we take on the challenge to create state-of-the-art packaging. It is extremely important for us to develop the ultimate packaging product that complies with every possible demand. This is an intensive process that integrates a wealth of knowledge in the actual design. And we don't do this behind closed doors; we do this together with you in a co-creative process. Because this is not simply a plastic container: this is your packaging.

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