ANL Packaging sustainability

Plastic as a packaging material

The advantages of plastic are innumerous. It’s versatile, lightweight, strong, has excellent barrier properties. But using it correctly, and in the right amount, is something to take into consideration.

We believe in plastic as a material. Plastic has its place in the circular economy. Compared to other materials less energy and raw materials are used to obtain the same packaging. Unfortunately, the disposal of plastic (packaging) has a bad reputation. But it shouldn’t be that way. Most plastics are fully recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely. Recycling plastic is also very energy efficient.

During our thermoforming process, we have a continuous stream of excess material. This material is fully recycled into new film for both PP and PET. Plastic packaging is environmentally friendly when it is used and disposed in the right way. Banning or restricting the use of a material isn’t the answer. We are all responsible for our environment. Only together we can work towards a sustainable economy. We have to rethink the way we use plastic, as a consumer and as a producer.

Design rules to create sustainable packaging

As a producer we start from some basic design rules to create sustainable packaging:

  • A circular vision during the early stage of packaging
  • Determine the type of plastic in relation to the goal of the packaging
  • Creating a structure to reduce material thickness
  • Using PET PCR
  • Carbon-free dark colors (brown and black)
  • Optimizing stacking features to improve logistics

Using these rules to guide our process, we guide you towards your packaging solution.


Keeping waste streams clean

Carbon black free material

Carbon black is a common colouring agent used to create dark colours in packaging. The problem is that Carbon black material disrupts the sorting process.

ANL Packaging developed Carbon Black free material that doens't contain carbon and is COTREP certified.


ANL Packaging offers over 50 years of thermoforming craftsmanship and creativity.

In addition to high-quality standard references, the largest part of the ANL Packaging product range consists of bespoke references.

This enables us to enhance the individuality of the customers’ products.

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