In recent years ANL Packaging made significant strides towards  a more sustainable production process. Our existing processes have endured critical testing and optimization. Across our 3 manufacturing plants we have implemented various changes and changed the way our material is used. We aim to continually grow towards a sustainability, both ecologically and socially.

Our promise and responsibility

As a packaging manufacturer, it’s our responsibility to create our bespoke packaging in compliance with a sustainable policy. We closely monitor the latest developments and trends and apply these innovations where possible. We’re increased to usage of recycled material in our products and aim to further do so without compromising the quality of our raw materials.

Replacing machines, improving insulation and using renewable energy, we’ve reduced our energy consumption a considerable amount. Our improved machinery also reduced our groundwater consumption and allowed us to use our raw materials more efficiently.

Our staff is continually improving and being developed professionally to improve our sustainability throughout our entire company.

Our promise towards a sustainable future is based on our values, and living up to our values is our responsibility.

Closed loop vision

Our circular vision

Using European legislation as our basis, we develop bespoke packaging that is future proof. Our packaging is designed to be recycling, preferably using easily recyclable monomaterials and as little additives as possible. We try to eliminate everything that makes the packaging harder to recycle.

ANL Packaging recycable food packging

Plastic as a packaging material

Over the years, plastic as a material has proven itself. It has been used in a wide set of applications. Its light weight and excellent barrier properties make it the go to material to manufacture your packaging. Its flexibility and compatibility with other materials are only a few more examples of this.

Corporate social responisibility ANL Plastics

csr: our commitment

We believe that sustainability goes beyond our products. Sustainability is at the core of our business. Whether you're an employee or customer, working with ANL Packaging should be an added value.

ANL Plastics memberhips


ANL Packaging is a member of multiple organizations that are active in different domains, all striving for a sustainable future.

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