New EcoVadis Score for ANL Packaging


New EcoVadis Score for ANL PACKAGING

We received our new ecovadis rating and achieved a silver recognition level.

What is Ecovadis?

Ecovadis is the number one in business sustainability ratings. It is a platform on which more than 45.000 companies are active, situated in 110 countries. We, as a supplier, get rated on our Company Social Responsibility policy (CSR). We fill in a vast questionnaire that overviews a lot of different domains within the company (people management, environment, energy consumption, communication,...) and this needs to be supported with documents. The Ecovadis team checks all these answers and also contacts external sources to verify the information that we've submitted.


Our clients, the brands/retailers/..., can consult our scorings, compare us with other suppliers,.... but the biggest advantage is that they get a full view on their entire supply chain in terms of CSR.


We see more and more clients asking for this rating, therefore it is important to actively work on CSR. The special thing of ecovadis is that they also conduct research themselves throughout the supply chains of the member organizations. They visit plants throughout the world to make sure that companies do as they promise. It is a extra service that our clients receive when becoming a member.


With our silver recognition level, we're actually part of the 30% of best scoring suppliers. But we need to constantly improve on this matter. It is important that we conduct a policy in which we keep doing efforts on CSR to evolve towards a sustainable future and the circular economy that Europe admires.

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